ALLPRESAN Antifungal Protection
ALLPRESAN Antifungal Protection

ALLPRESAN Antifungal Protection

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Reduces scaly skin, redness and itching. Guards against the reappearance of fungus.

  • ​Clotrimazol – protects against fungal agents (from September on: Tolnaftate (1%) as active ingredient – kills the fungal agents)
  • Urea – moistures to keep skin elasticity

Contains Perfectly fitting lipids, urea

How to use:

Shake well and then hold the can upright to dispense. Use sparingly twice each day, once after cleansing routine and once each day prior to bed until Athlete's Foot symptoms have disappeared.


Allpresan foot care is an Award Winning dermatological product that has specific patented formula for all skin types. Allpresan’s “Foam Cream Technology” moisturises and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. It provides optimum hydrations with effective supply of nutrients and additional protection against bacteria, viruses and fungal parasites. The key main ingredient in Allpresan is urea, a natural moisturiser secreted by our own cells. It plays an important role in maintaining a healthy epidermis.

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